Church History

The Whole Counsel of God Ministries was established in July of 2002 under the direction of our Pastor, Elder Marvin L. Jenkins and we held our first public service at the Route 404 National Guard Armory outside Denton, MD on Sunday July 21, 2002. We were able to worship in a small classroom at the Armory on Sunday mornings and hold Bible Class at the Pastor's home in Easton on Wednesday nights…"humble beginnings"…but the Lord blessed us and with His help we continued!

After much prayer, the Lord led Pastor Jenkins to seek a more permanent place of worship, which would afford us the ability to have Sunday evening services and mid-week Bible Class. We were looking to lease or rent, but God had other plans for us! After a brief stay at the Armory, we moved our worship services to a conference room at the Greensboro Library and the Lord opened a door that no man could shut…He allowed us to place a contract of purchase (no renting, no leasing) on the beautiful edifice we occupy today. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

He allowed us to find favor with the seller, the broker, the banker, the list goes on…and on Friday January 31, 2003 we settled on our church building and left the settlement table to immediately assemble at the church to give God the glory and the honor!

In six months God did what we anticipated would take years, with man this is impossible but with God all things are possible to them which believe!

We subscribe to the Apostolic doctrine as documented in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles and the ordinances of the church include believer's Baptism in Jesus name, the Lord's Supper and Weekly assembly for the purpose of Worship, Teaching/Preaching, Prayer and Fellowship.

We solicit your prayers and support as we celebrate what the Lord has done!

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