The Whole Counsel Purpose & Vision


The Whole Counsel of God Ministries exists for the purpose of communicating the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a church dedicated to proclaiming the Whole Counsel and range of the Word of God. This is our Pastor's mission, much like the Apostle Paul, his ambition and call to ministry is to make the Word of God fully known, that is, to preach and teach it fully and completely (see Acts 20:27). The church is comprised of members who have confessed and repented of their sin, have accepted water baptism in Jesus name and are seeking to live a holy and sanctified live through the power of the Holy Ghost. The Church is commissioned of Christ to maintain and expand His kingdom through the on-going, Spirit-led work of Evangelism, Bible Study, Worship, Prayer and Fellowship. Our approach to ministry is holistic in concept, ministering to the whole man in an effort to effect salvation as well as improve the socio-economic, educational and other aspects of everyday life of both members and the community at large. We believe that the Church must be relevant and have a voice in our community, to that end the Whole Counsel Life Skills Center will be officially opened later this year with programs initially designed to impart God's counsel in the areas of parenting, family finances and job readiness. We are living in the last days and what we plan to do for Christ and His people we must do now in Jesus name.


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